Enterprise VoIP solutions

Aug 21
Enterprise VoIP solutions

Enterprise VoIP solutions

Used by mid to large businesses, enterprise VoIP (aka. “Voice over Internet Protocol” or “Voice over IP”) business phone systems have become more and more popular in comparison to traditional on-premises PBX systems for a few reasons.

Not only does business VoIP come with expected functionalities like call routing built in, it’s also a more flexible and cost-efficient alternative to old legacy systems (more on this in a bit) while incorporating important elements like contact center platforms too.

And beyond just making phone calls, some enterprise VoIP solutions allow businesses to communicate through other channels too, like team messaging, SMS, and video conferencing.

Truly unified communications

While a phone system is a good starting point for business communications, it’s often not the only communication channel an organization uses. If your team uses video conferencing, SMS, and instant messaging, then it’s prudent to look for a unified communications platform that includes VoIP calls.

  • Call center software
  • Auto dialers and predictive dialers
  • Click-to-call services
  • DID management solutions
  • IVR systems AI chatbots