VoIP Call Center Solution

Aug 21
VoIP Call Center Solution

VoIP Call Center Solution

Call centers that want to use VoIP solutions have several options when it comes to configuring the IP phone system they’re using for their operations. The best VoIP configuration depends on the type of call center they’re running, their business needs, and the specific hardware and software solutions they employ.

Cloud solutions

A cloud contact center solution doesn’t require any on-premises equipment. Instead, it’s hosted on remote servers located in cloud data centers that contact agents connect to via the internet.

Cloud solutions provide processing, networking, and storage capabilities that make on-demand unified communications* services possible. That’s why cloud-based calling can be easily implemented by both large enterprises and small businesses, and requires no specialized technicians or IT teams to manage it.

While many people think cloud-hosted solutions are less reliable than traditional on-site communications options, there are service providers that have proven otherwise. For example, the 8x8 cloud communications platform offers a 99.999% service level agreement (SLA) that covers both uptime and call quality.

Designed with no single point of failure, our highly secure infrastructure delivers your service from a state-of-the-art data center that has been audited to the highest SSAE 16 standards.